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The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth

It's 2003, aka the naughty aughts, and two besties are preparing to meet again at their high school reunion. They've kept in touch by phone for the past 12 years and told each other wild stories about their successful lives; the only problem is...none of it is true.

Laugh out loud as BFF's, Devin and Felicia, twist themselves into pretzels to make their outrageous lies true in time for their dreaded high school reunion...

Devin Morgan, former class flirt, is now a jobless, depressed failure, who's trying not to ruin the only positive in her life--her boyfriend, Chris. When a former class rival challenges her to plan the reunion and an unexpected new love arrives (Chris' sister!!!) Devin is soon questioning her scruples, her sexuality, and her sanity. If ever she needed her best friend in her corner, it's now.

Meanwhile... Devin's best friend, preacher's wife, lowly news assistant, Felicia Reed is scared shitless. How the hell is she going to lose 100 lbs., tame her beard, and become this successful TV mogul in mere months before the reunion?

The former 'Most Popular' is a now a 29-year-old wallflower who shoves food in her mouth to keep her insecurities about her sexless marriage at bay. Her hubby, popular Atlanta pastor Kelvin Reed, has sacrificed everything, including her, for his career. But as Kelvin turns into the arms and legs of yet another willing church member, this time Felicia begins to bloom under the eyes and hands of her co-worker, Will.

In the lives of friends where honesty takes a back seat to appearances, the naked truth will unfurl.

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